What We Offer


No job at your house is too big or small for us. Here are some of the services we offer for houses: Wall-mounting tv’s, networking, installation of smart devices, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, recessed lighting, hanging lights including chandeliers and pendants, kitchen and bathroom remodel, whole house rewiring and remodels, wiring for electric appliances, troubleshooting, and much more. Reach out to us for any home project you may have.


We offer an array of commercial services including: Commercial distribution and build-outs, TI improvements, power for signage, EV Charging, Lighting Retrofits, Troubleshooting and Service calls, and much more.

Main Panel Upgrades

Old house panels can be a real pain when making upgrades around the house, adding solar or Electric Vehicle charging, or just running out of space in the panel. Get your panel upgraded to something modern and much safer with more space for your projects today!

Generator Back-up

Looking to prepare for extreme weather and other power outages? Whether you are looking to get a whole home backup generator or a smaller standby generator for the necessary circuits in your home, we can get you set up. We can also setup mobile generator backup power for temporary job sites.


Update or add new networking around your home or office to keep up with the faster internet speeds provided and needed in today’s modern age. Whether you want a hardwired connection for faster gaming or more reliable streaming or a better wi-fi network for your smart devices and general use, we can get you dialed in. 

Span Panels

One of the most modern services we offer is Span Panel installations. What is a Span Panel? Great question! It is a modern take on a house panel. Connect your solar, EV charger, battery backup system, and any and all circuits for your home to these panels and monitor the exact electrical usage of your house. The future of house panels is here, and we can help you get one installed at your place.

EV Charging

Do you own or are you thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle? If so, we can install the charging you need at your house or place of work to keep you charged up and on the road. We have installed Tesla Wall Chargers, Juicebox, ChargePoint, Span Drive, and more. 

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